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The Villain

404 errors cost you revenue.

Lower customer retention

Poor user experience damages your brand image and discourages customers from coming back.

Damaged SEO

Broken links increase bounce rate and reduce dwell time. These are key Google search ranking factors.

Fewer sales

Customers are far more likely to leave your store without purchasing when faced with a 404 error page.

Find out how much revenue
Redirect Pro can save your business each month.

(Amount customers would've spent)


(Proportion that would've purchased)


Proportion of 404 visitors who bounce

(website visitors lost)



Revenue per visit

Conversion rate X AOV


Bounced visits due to 404s per month

74% of monthly visits to 404s


Monthly value of Redirect Pro for recovering 404 bounced visits

Assuming all 404s redirected


Now that's a lot.

The Hero

With refreshingly user-friendly features to automate your 404 SEO in seconds.

Redirect Pro offers the best features for 404 SEO. Built on the principles of simplicity, automation and optimisation, we've crafted the market-leading software for preventing revenue loss due to broken links on Shopify.

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Automate The Grunt Work.

Set up automatic redirect rules to redirect broken links on auto-pilot for page types like products and collections, or for completely custom URL structures. The world is your oyster.

Nothing Slips Through The Net.

Track visits to 404 error URLs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Manually review them to redirect or ignore.

Upload redirects for easy migrations.

Upload unlimited redirects to your store from a spreadsheet for a fast and effortless migration to Shopify.

Track your improvement.

View and track your performance statistics on a comprehensive dashboard.

Fix your broken links today with
Redirect Pro.



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Track visits to 30 unique 404s each month

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Unlimited 404 tracking

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Track visits to 30 unique 404s each month

Bulk redirect 404s

Create & edit URL redirects

Upload unlimited redirects at once



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Real reviews from real clients.

This is an excellent app. I have used URL redirects and Pattern Redirects, and it works perfectly! The app is easy to use and has an intuitive design. You don’t need technical skills to use the app. This app has saved me a lot of time and frustration. The support is outstanding. All my questions were answered very quickly, thoroughly, and in an easy-to-understand way. I highly recommend using this excellent app. Thank you very much.

United Kingdom

I can not say enough about this app. The support was superb, I only needed it because I was pushing the boundaries a bit. I have had a few previous sites and shop and wanted to make sure I caught any extremely old links floating around out there. To my surprise there are tons and tons of hits coming in from almost 8 year old links. I have set up a very valuable pattern redirect, and check in every so often to individually redirect the very old link appropriately and usually individually. I have even setup up external redirects. Very easy 5 stars, excellent app.

United States